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Shinzo, Luxembourg: cocktails from the heart

A well thought-out interior design takes your restaurant’s concept to the next level. There are hotspots everywhere that have completely understood this. For example, Shinzo, a cocktail bar with innovative cuisine, is the place to be in Luxembourg. The establishment, whose name means “heart” in Japanese, opened its doors in early February. And you guessed it, this bar immediately stole our… heart.

Text: Renée ter Berg | Photography: Vincent Remy & Shinzo Bar

When you order a cocktail at Shinzo in Luxembourg, you get a work of art in your glass. Almost too beautiful to drink, but too delicious to pass up. If you choose to dine at Shinzo too, then in addition to the cocktails, the inventive fusion dishes will not disappoint. A sublime layout and a true feast for the taste buds. Of course, to complete the sensory journey, the interior cannot be left behind.

Van Gogh colour palette

Entrepreneurs Maxime Sarra and Victor Weber chose Dutch interior design agency Kroeze Interieur to complete the total experience. This is how they achieved a warm, atmospheric, luxurious and slightly exotic end result. The chosen colour palette is just as artistic as Shinzo’s cocktails and dishes; the gold and blue seem to come from Van Gogh paintings. The velour chairs and marble tables give the space an almost regal look. Yet the interior of the restaurant is warm and comfortable in addition to being elegant, contemporary and sophisticated. A place where you can have a good time with your friends or loved one until late at night.

Bar as eye-catcher

Of course, the bar is an eye-catcher in the restaurant. The place where all those beautifully refined drinks are mixed. The mirrors above the bar and the tall bar cabinets accentuate the height in the room. At the bar, ornate, quirky stools with blue velvet back and seat with subtle gold fringes to complete the chic look complete.

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The entrepreneur and the cocktail artist

For Maxime Sarra, restaurateur blood runs through his veins. His father, with a passion for quality and fine products, runs several catering businesses in Luxembourg. Two years ago, Maxime met his current business partner Victor Weber. Weber has a background in patisserie and mixology, the art of cocktail making. He gained experience in London, France, Asia and Australia. Sarra saw in him the ideal person to put together an innovative cocktail menu. He divided the menu into three acts, like a dinner with starter main and dessert. The flavours go from soft and refined to increasingly intense and complex. The cocktails are inspired by Weber’s travels and contain fine ingredients.

Historic Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s old town was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The charming and vibrant city is extremely atmospheric, dynamic and multicultural. Also called the ‘green heart’ of Europe due to its car-free centre surrounded by greenery. Worth a visit!


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