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Satelliet Originals

Meet Satelliet Originals, the new label of Satelliet hospitality furniture. Here you will learn everything about the brand, the collection and the designers. We are happy to tell you more about the background of Satelliet Originals and what the label stands for.

The standard collection is the core of the range and is well established. Given the growth and ideas about the future, Satelliet wants to pursue a clear brand policy that shows what the organisation stands for: premium quality, tailor-made & full service.

The Satelliet Originals collection arose from the need to create a unique and versatile product range with its own recognisable signature. Through years of experience, and by always actively looking for the latest developments and trends, Satelliet provides a qualitative and up-to-date collection to meet the wishes and needs of clients.

The strength of Satelliet Originals lies in customisation. Each piece of furniture has its own character, its own face, and in this way supports the identity of a concept or interior. What makes it complete are the infinite possibilities in terms of upholstery and finishes.

By being the basis of every product within the Satelliet Originals collection, Satelliet responds quickly to the continuously changing markets. In addition, entrepreneurs, creatives and project developers are given the tools they need to jointly create the most inspiring hospitality locations: places where people like to meet.

It is these people – call them guests, call them users – who are key in the development of their own collection. In addition to atmosphere, they demand comfort and quality. And this should therefore be the basis of every product. Satelliet Originals are exclusively developed products for Satelliet that are created both in-house and in collaboration with Dutch designers.

Every product in the Originals collection embodies hospitality, quality, strength, diversity, individuality, inspiration, relevance and functionality. That is the promise of Satelliet Originals.