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Original. Product – Code

Be an Original is about just being yourself. That alone is what makes you unique and our world a more diverse and interesting place to live. As part of the creative industry we have the possibility to add some purpose to our designs. We take sustainability seriously and started to rethink the design process and use of materials. As a result we launch Code. A real Satelliet Original that not only embodies quality, diversity and individuality, but als proofs that sustainable design can be cool too. … Read moreOriginal. Product – Code

Original. Designer – Lars Snellaars

The design of ‘The Roaring Twenties Chair’ is typical Snellaars: with a clear story. “Roaring Twenties refers to that lively period a century ago, after the Spanish Flu and the First World War. Even now after Covid, people need to enjoy, party. No tight, angular shapes but soft and round, low in intimate seats and high at the bar, and comfortable enough to sit on for an evening. The chair is rotatable, so that you can see everyone coming in while sitting at the bar. The design is striking, in Art Deco style with a cross in the back, a shape that also comes back on the walls. The upholstery is nice and round and soft, and then those fringes hey. You don’t need them, but they do make everything more fun. This chair is just looking forward to it.” … Read moreOriginal. Designer – Lars Snellaars

Original. Project – The Streetfood Club Breda

As soon as you walk into The Streetfood Club (TSFC), you step into a total experience. Your senses need a moment to absorb everything you see, smell, hear. From the extravagant interior to the music thumping through the speakers. And that is exactly the intention according to co-owner Wes Schreutelkamp; TSFC strives to create a special experience. “Where some stop at a 7, we at least go for that 9,” says Wes. WesRead moreOriginal. Project – The Streetfood Club Breda