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Be an original.

The Satelliet Originals campaign is about just being yourself. That alone is what makes you unique. The best teams are developed with a diverse group of individuals. That is why the launch campaign includes a combination of the products and faces that together make the Satelliet Originals brand.

Satelliet Originals originated from the need to create a collection with its own recognisable signature. This also includes a strong message, in style. A message that clarifies what Satelliet Originals stands for and why it was founded.

The people and products you see in this campaign are our own Originals in all their diversity. Our own designs and colleagues who are intrinsically linked to the creation of this unique collection and its character. They literally give a face to the Satelliet Originals brand and also represent our strong belief that more can be achieved together. There is power in that! We believe that sharing our creativity and expertise in the form of a contemporary furniture collection will contribute to the creation of unique hospitality locations: places where people like to meet.

Account Manager
Junior Designer
Content Marketer
Creative Consultant