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The complete collection of Satelliet Originals has been developed and compiled with the aim of serving the hospitality market in all its diversity. Creating places where people like to come to meet each other, that’s what it’s all about. Satelliet Originals offers a unique furniture collection with its own signature.

Not every in-house developed product at Satelliet is automatically an Original. A product within this collection must distinguish itself through a unique design. The new designs are assessed on shape, material and detailing. To this end, partnerships are also entered into with external designers who can guarantee the pillars of Premium Quality, Tailor Made & Full Service. The guarantee of an Original is that it stands for hospitality, quality, strength, diversity, individuality, inspiration, relevance and functionality, and that it is also available worldwide, exclusively via Satelliet.

The complete Satelliet furniture collection, including all Originals, can be found at