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Brand story

Satelliet Originals was not developed overnight. This is a long-term process based on an ambition and wish that Satelliet has long cherished. In our view, this label is nothing more than a logical step forward in the view on hospitality.

Where it all started

Satelliet has been active in the furniture industry since 1971 and started on a small scale with the design and traditional production of furniture for the catering industry. Years of experience and the trust of many customers have made us an authority in the field of hospitality furniture. In collaboration with partners and clients, Satelliet contributes to the creation of pleasant meeting places. Hospitality is key in this.

For years, we have been following developments in the hospitality market closely and we offer a high-quality and up-to-date collection that meets the wishes and needs of clients and users. From the desire to create a unique offer, and with our expertise and creativity, we have developed a complete collection with our own signature: Satelliet Originals.

The journey we are on

The world is digitalising. We are in constant contact with each other, but not always connected. The choices we make about the use of our time are less tied to time and place. The quality of being together and meeting is therefore becoming increasingly important. With our furniture we want people to work and consume together in a hospitable and pleasant way. This ensures more productivity, fun and relaxation.

The Satelliet Originals collection is unique and responds to the continuously changing needs of users and guests. The versatile collection contributes to the creation of hospitable locations where people like to meet. Given the diverse applications, the furniture can be adapted to suit the environment and purpose. Due to the extensive choices in material and design, the possibilities with Satelliet Originals are endless.

Who do we serve

We are there for everyone who believes in the positive effect of hospitality, making people feel better and therefore work more efficiently, stay longer and enjoy more. With our unique collection of hospitality furniture, we want to contribute to an optimal guest experience in industries such as hotel, restaurant, café, office, healthcare, retail, leisure and marine. This guest can be a visitor, but also a permanent employee or resident. Meeting and coming together sets things in motion.

With Satelliet Originals we want to offer creatives in the hospitality interior sector the tools to deliver on our promise on a larger scale. Together with you, we want to show hospitality at its best. We believe that sharing our creativity and expertise in the form of a unique and contemporary furniture collection will lead to beautiful results.

What we care about

We work hard on the future of sustainable hospitality furniture. We do this by continuously making sustainable decisions and use SUM – Still Usable Materials – for the creation of great new products. At Originals we strongly believe that contemporary and sustainable furniture items should be used in an interior concept because they are beautiful and comfortable. In this way you unconsciously, yet consciously, contribute to a sustainable future, without compromising on appearance and quality. When you strive for sustainability beautiful collaborations arise. Together we can make the difference.