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Meet our designers

What makes our collection truly original? The designers behind the unique designs. Satelliet Originals is not just a label with a versatile collection, there is also a very versatile team of progressive designers behind it. All of them believe that together you can achieve more than alone. These collaborations are unique and give an extra dimension to the brand and the products. The eye, the hand and the heart of the designer, that’s where Satelliet Originals makes the difference. It is a feeling, an emotion. Meet the designers and their Originals here.

Jan Dijkstra
Studio Satelliet
Dave Keune
Jesse Visser
Frans Schrofer
Paul Philipsen
Lars Snellaars
Ardie van Bommel
Dirk van Sliedregt
Diederik Schneemann
Hofmeijer & Dekker
Erik Remmers
Tom Frencken
Gerard van den Berg
Elise Luttik