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Satelliet Originals @ Design District 2023: the leading trade event in a relaxed vibe

The leading trade event for interior design in the Netherlands – Design District – is a wrap and we, as Satelliet Originals, look back on a wonderful, inspiring edition. In our well-attended and – due to the attractive use of colour and a rotating stage – frequently photographed stand, we had hundreds of great conversations with interested parties. We also gave an animated trend speech in the lecture hall and organised a meet & greet with our designers over drinks and bites. ‘For me, the mix of young professionals, students and renowned brands makes Design District the trade event in the Netherlands for interior design enthusiasts and gives us a great opportunity for networking,’ says Maico Pheninckx, Creative Consultant at Satelliet hospitality furniture. ‘There is no barrier, no fuss or over-the-top commerce but rather a very cool, relaxed vibe.’

Designers make the difference

The UNESCO World Heritage Van Nelle Factory – a monument of Dutch modernism – is the perfect location for an introduction to Satelliet Originals in general and the introduction of the latest two designers in our squad. Laure Mes – Harbers, Dealer Manager experienced Design District as a feast of recognition. ‘Our brand is becoming better known and I don’t have to explain our vision as often. The ‘Wall of Fame’ (our trade fair presentation according to a visiting interior designer) caught the public’s eye. Nice to see a face to the designer’s name.’ Because the designers behind the items make the collection original. With their eye for detail, the hand of the master and their design heart, Satelliet Originals makes all the difference. Everything is about feeling, about emotion.

Valuable addition

The line-up of designers – consisting of Jan Dijkstra, Frans Schrofer, Dirk van Sliedregt, Tom Frencken, Studio Satelliet, Paul Philipsen, Diederik Schneemann, Jon + Sven, BURO NOW, Lars Snellaars, Hofmeijer & Dekker, Gerard van den Berg, Dave Keune, Ardie van Bommel and Erik Remmers – has a valuable addition with Elise Luttik and Jesse Visser.

Satelliet Originals designers, from left to right: Elise Luttik, Chris Montijn-Spiering and Wessel Storms (Studio Satelliet), Erik Remmers, Ardie van Bommel, Jan Dijkstra, Frans Schrofer and Jesse Visser.

‘I enjoy the puzzle of aesthetics and poetry on the one hand and construction and production methods on the other,’ claims Elise Luttik, Master of Science in Integrated Product Design. Her work is characterised by thoughtful engineering and construction. She looks for ways to materialise illusions, using transparency, iridescent effects, and light refraction. Like the illusion of a cushion on the Chester Chair, which experienced its pre-launch at Design District. Designed exclusively for Satelliet Originals, Chester Chair – a new classic – uses modern techniques to translate the elegant style of iconic Chesterfields into a contemporary ash wood dining chair with the illusion of a soft, padded, luxurious leather cushion. Elise: ‘It is with great pleasure that I look back at Design District and the pre-launch of the Chester side chair. It is warm and special to be part of the Satelliet Originals brand and the whole professional team and designers that go with it. I have received many congratulations on the design and our collaboration, and I am looking forward to the next events where we will present the models of Chester!’

Award-winning designer Jesse Visser (b. 1974) focuses on creating furniture and light objects that go beyond the predictable. To this day, his approach is defined by research, craftsmanship and curiosity, leading to widely appreciated and bespoke designs. His desire to innovate production techniques and love of detail result in striking showpieces that are as austere as they are poetic. Arcadia, a lightweight chair with a perforated shell that guarantees transparency – designed exclusively for Satelliet Originals – will soon be released on the market. Its minimalist character is expressed through clear framing and speaks to our senses. ‘Design District was vivid and vibrant again,’ Jesse shares his experience. ‘We had an interesting and informative meeting with Satelliet Originals. Wonderful how the final model of the Arcadia was presented at the fair. Especially the detailing, the curve in the seat and the quality execution, is what struck many a visitor. And of course, nice, and lightweight, which is good for a stackable chair!

Extraordinary interest

‘There is a lot of interest in Originals,’ shares Chris Montijn – Spiering, Designer for Studio Satelliet. ‘The collective of designers – all from various disciplines – ensures a broad and idiosyncratic collection. There is a good response from visitors to all the products and a lot of attention for the Code designed by Studio Satelliet, our sustainability ambition in general and the story behind this model. People like the fact that a company like Satelliet has partnered with a small initiative. A company that started making products from recycled plastic out of idealism. Several product designers – precisely because of these sustainable initiatives – have expressed an interest in working together.’

Who knows what great initiatives and designs this could lead to? This is also what Design District is for: getting to know each other, getting inspired and finding motivation to collaborate. Hannah Verharen, Designer at Satelliet, thoroughly agrees. ‘I have received many enthusiastic responses and felt that what we have built up over the past few years is landing with the public. Originals is becoming known more widely and only a few still need to get to the heart of Satelliet Originals’ message. The stand was visited and photographed often, designs were tried and there was considerable appetite for conversation. This brought about the perfect commotion. With the highlight on Thursday being the drinks with the designers of Satelliet Originals at the Meet & Greet. There is a very pleasant community feeling among them too! The fair itself remains a gem in the field of interior design. Approachable, compact and the halls are filled with top brands. The visitors are passionate professionals.’