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Original. Product – Code

Be an Original is about just being yourself. That alone is what makes you unique and our world a more diverse and interesting place to live. As part of the creative industry we have the possibility to add some purpose to our designs. We take sustainability seriously and started to rethink the design process and use of materials. As a result we launch Code. A real Satelliet Original that not only embodies quality, diversity and individuality, but als proofs that sustainable design can be cool too.

Being a brand of Satelliet hospitality furniture we are aligned with the corporate sustainability ambitions. The development of Code does not stand alone and is part of the goal to become the most sustainable supplier of hospitality furniture in Europe.

Satelliet hospitality furniture has been building a sustainable future for years. And they underlined that when they expanded their three core values by a fourth. ‘Tailor made, premium quality and full service’ are the key words. And recently the fourth was added: ‘in a sustainable way’.

And the sustainability ambition is high; by 2030, 75% of its products must be made from sustainable and/or recycled materials. But sustainability is more than just recycled materials, it is also about putting value on collaborations. Great initiatives and collaborations make sustainability possible in terms of both people and products.

SUM (still Usable Materials)

The SUM collection should contribute significantly to the realization of the objective. Including Code, there are already three series in the Satelliet Originals collection that came out of this initiative. In line with the brand philosophy the other series; Current and Press, have their own identity and are already successfully used in numerous interiors. Not only because of their sustainable character but also because they are Original and just look good.

Purchasing director Robin Willemse explains a little bit more about SUM: “We know how to make furniture from different high-quality and reusable materials, such as organic residual waste or PET felt. We manage to make a collection of furniture from these. We have also been applying wickerwork made of completely recycled plastic and frames made of recycled aluminium for some time. This furniture was developed in cooperation with our partners abroad. And from these learnings, the newcomer Code is now being made.”

Post consumer waste

The idea for Code grew out of the previous sustainable models developed by Satelliet. The chair consists of 100% ‘post consumer waste’ and is made in Indonesia. The process to make Code is twofold. The frame of the chair is made of recycled aluminium. First, the old aluminium is collected and remelted. This renewed material is then used to extrude tubes. A frame is then welded and coloured by powder coating. The chair is suspended and during the electrostatic process, the powdered colour coating is sprayed onto the frame. In the oven, the powder liquefies before hardening into a strong, beautiful layer on the aluminium frame.

The seat and back are made of recycled plastic. The plastics are sorted by colour and then remelted, creating the distinctive base colour with cheerful speckles. The shapes of the seat and back are made in a mould. Once these are ready, they are mounted on the frame. The chair is available in different colours: ocean blue, forest green, desert yellow and galaxy black. Code is stackable and has a UV-resistant coating. This makes the chair not only suitable for indoor use, it is also the perfect showstopper on your terrace. Those who dare to opt for a colourful, cheerful, cool interior will be right with Code.