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Designer Erik Remmers: love of wood

Erik Remmers, co-owner of Art2Go interior projects, and Satelliet hospitality furniture have already created creative hospitality interior projects together. Logical, because Art2GO and Satelliet understand what is needed for a hospitable and distinctive interior. An interior with character which stimulates the senses, where your focus group feels at home and is surprised at the same time. From this shared vision, a collaboration developed which led to the development of the Pebble for Satelliet Originals.

How his design career developed and how the final design of the Pebble came about Erik tells himself. “I am Erik Remmers and in daily life I am mainly involved in designing and supervising corporate interiors for the hospitality and office market.”

“My first real side jobs were in a carpentry factory and at an interior design company. That’s where my love for wood was born and later for customised interiors and furniture. So choosing to study furniture design in Den Bosch was a logical choice for me. After I finished the course, now about 14 years ago, I continued working at Art2Go interior projects after an internship. In the years that followed, the company changed from an interior design company to a design agency and, together with my partner, I continued to develop the company into what it is today. We design and supervise creative interior projects for the hospitality and office market.”

“From the beginning, Art2Go has had a clear focus on hospitality interiors. This has been joined by more and more office interiors over the past two years. An interesting market that is very much evolving and where more and more influences from hospitality are finding their way. With our expertise, we can also provide this market with the right advice and create working environments where everyone feels at home and connected.”

“After completing my education, I was designing furniture and even lighting, in addition to my work and much more active than in recent years. During that time, a series of tables and lamps were put into production with various suppliers, among others. Eventually, things got a bit too busy with Art2Go’s projects and furniture design was put on the back burner for a while.”


“A while ago, however, I noticed to myself that I started to get increasingly annoyed by the amount of steel frames and bases used for many chairs and other furniture in the market. There was less and less wood to be found in the collections which, in my opinion, is actually a very beautiful and versatile material to work with. So time for a change and time to start sketching and creating again.”

“So the starting point for the Pebble was that it definitely had to have a wooden frame. Besides, I personally always find it very pleasant to sit when there is a good curve in the back. The back gave space to add a nice detail with the horizontal wooden strip. It gave the whole a soft and rounded design language. The name Pebble is due to the seat resembling a pebble. In combination with the curved back, the sturdy seat ensures that you can also sit comfortably on the bar stool for a long time.”

“I love the fact that I have rediscovered my old love for product design and furniture and have been able to pick it up again in collaboration with Satelliet. I think it’s cool to be part of the versatile team of forward-thinking designers who together add value to Satelliet Originals’ collection. The Pebble fulfils the requirement of characterful design with a unique touch of hospitality. I cannot wait to see where this collaboration will lead further. I close with the words: Be an original – because that brand idea appeals to me immensely.”