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Design meets pure nature

Satelliet Originals is a European hospitality furniture collection with a distinctive character and a unique signature. Each product by the Originals designers is edgy and embodies toughness, boldness, diversity and individuality.

Originality is a form of purity. To let this purity speak for itself and tell the story behind the furniture pieces, we linked the designs to pure, natural ingredients. Through projections, we let the two come together. We asked our designers about their connection to furniture design and food and how this inspires them.

Meet the designers

Serpent meets Ginger

“Dining is an experience. For me, it starts with creating an inviting table setting that reflects the kitchen, the ingredients and the culinary process. As a family of foodies, we are constantly experimenting with combining ingredients and capitalising on each other’s creations to create elaborate dinners. Smell provokes the senses and invites everyone to the table, visual composition enhances expectation, and the umami taste experience blows the mind.

Our approach to furniture design is similar: playful, experimental, unexpected and surprising. The Serpent, a multifaceted design of curves, silhouettes and shapes, creates a silent dialogue of movement: up, down, over, under and around. Pure shapes that we also find in one of my favourite ingredients, gingers, literally in form and in its versatile application: spicy, aromatic, light and fresh.”

“For me, designing is similar to preparing an elaborate, culinary dinner.”

– Designer Frans Schrofer

Chester meets Grill

“Cooking and design are forms of art and combining them forms a total experience. The pure strokes that a grill leaves on an ingredient are reflected in my design. This contemporary interpretation of the Chesterfield is perfect for use in hospitality venues and gives a homely feel. Whether enjoying a meal or making memories with friends. A meal only lasts a short time, but my Chester can last a lifetime!”

“I design like a chef cooks, but instead of food, my ingredients are materials, shapes and colours.”

– Designer Elise Luttik

Arcadia meets Honey

“For me, the purity of dining and enjoying each other comes together in relaxation, gaining new experiences and sharing stories. Immerse yourself for a moment in another world, forget everyday reality and enjoy taste sensations. The outdoors is an inspiration par excellence for my designs. The Arcadia chair is perfect for outdoor use; its design is therefore inspired by nature. The sturdiness of the chair, combined with its comfort and elegance is reminiscent of a honeycomb: the rounded shapes, minimalist yet strong.”

“The outdoors is an inspiration par excellence for my designs.”

– Designer Jesse Visser

Fioli meets Flowers

“A plate of food is sometimes like a mini-design piece, just like a chair. With the right ingredients and proportions. This can be an inspiration for me for new designs; sometimes completely unexpected. Sometimes it can be in how a dish is arranged, with colours and shapes that match exactly or the final touch in the form of edible flowers or a subtle cress. I am a big fan of Italian cuisine, very special how Italians manage to create a lot with little. This does suit my Fioli design, which is inspired by rose petals: fresh, soft, subtle, simple and a pleasure to touch.”

“A plate of food is sometimes like a mini-design piece, just like a chair.”

– Designer Jan Dijkstra

Studio Satelliet

“There are many similarities between a furniture design and a good dish: both do not emerge overnight and require a lot of preparation. It’s a process, just like designing. We work from trends, how to translate this into your design, shapes, materials et cetera. Everything comes together at, or near, the table and forms the ultimate catering experience: the sum of a beautiful interior, the furniture, the staff and that one beautiful dish. It is very special to see that our designs are allowed to be part of that bigger picture.”

Chantilly meets Whipped cream

“Besides the name of the chair, Chantilly, whipped cream as a product fits this design because it is simultaneously corresponding and very contradictory. The lines of whipped cream are reminiscent of the bars; however, the material is hard and whipped cream is super soft.”

“Food can definitely be an inspiration for a new design.”

– Designer Studio Satelliet

Code meets Zucchini

“In the pattern, with colourful speckles and spots, of the chair and the courgette in the projection, there is almost no distinction. The natural pattern of a courgette that develops as it grows has been translated into a contemporary piece of furniture. Purity at its finest.”

“The combination of Code with the pattern of the courgette, is a hit.”

– Designer Studio Satelliet

Evora meets Mushrooms

“Both the Evora chair and a mushroom have textures that offer you a tactile experience. Together with the rattan and cane in the chair, this gives it an “earthy” feel, which is totally in keeping with mushrooms growing in nature.”

“Pure, natural and food come together completely in the combination of mushrooms and this design.”

– Designer Studio Satelliet

Originals collection

Satelliet Originals is not only an idiosyncratic label with a versatile collection, there is also a very diverse team of national and international designers behind it. Besides individual customisation and originality, the eye, hand and heart of the designer, makes all the difference. Satelliet Originals design is all about character, feeling and emotion, always with a touch of hospitality. Be an original is our core brand statement and stands for unconditionally being yourself.