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Boldness & boundless hospitality @ Robert Walters

Instead of hindering people with limiting beliefs and the illusion of a so-called glass ceiling, the working environment should be inclusive, flexible and stimulating. Radiating an atmosphere of limitlessness, (personal) growth and endless possibilities. Such philosophy mixed with bold design resonates with Satelliet Originals and is coming to live in the Robert Walters Amsterdam Office: the first office, completely designed based on thorough, neuroscientific research.

Text: Nathalie Schalke | Photography: Fred Sonnega

Office of the future

Many facets need to be taken into consideration when creating the ideal circumstances. Aspects like flexibility, use of colour, furnishing, materials, hospitality, corporate identity and personal preferences. Hoogerwerf Projectinrichting presented the revolutionary idea of designing the Robert Walters office on the tenth floor of the WTC at Zuidas, based on the results of thorough, representative, neuroscientific research, uncovering people’s unconscious choices and preferences. Creating the ‘Office of the Future’.

Grand Café

Bringing people together is the core business and in their office, they’d like to have the Robert Walters family feeling. An interactive ambience in which people feel comfortable and fulfil their own unique potential as well as that of their relations. The Grand Café – the reception area and meeting place for guests, associates and colleagues – is the focal point and Homebase for the RW community. The atmosphere exudes a warm welcome, is friendly, professional and hotel chic. The Grand Café is directly connected to the courtyard garden and roof terrace with phenomenal views over the city. Because the opportunities for interaction, flexibility and working alternatively are now offered, they see that their people react and perform differently, better.

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Bold design

Comfortable Lux – a bold design by Studio Satelliet for Satelliet Originals – fits perfectly into the atmosphere as well as the design philosophy. Lux’s robust yet friendly and soft look and feel exudes that warm welcoming touch to the office. Tailor made benches invite employees, guests and relations to sit down and enjoy the amazing view over the city.

The sky is the limit

Do you also want to customise the design of your working environment and break through whatever ceiling you might encounter? Satelliet thinks with you and delivers premium quality, tailor made and full service in a sustainable way. Discover the boldness and boundless hospitality possibilities in one of the showrooms in Breda, Amsterdam or Dalfsen. Not even the sky is the limit.