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Discover the new hospitality trend: bohemian maximalism

Colour explosions, frills and eye-catching statements in interiors are all the rage. Let your imagination run wild because it’s never too much. Green, purple and yellow in one room, it’s all possible. Maximalism means something different for every interior where mix & match is leading. Some styles that overlap with maximalism are vintage, retro and bohemian. In interiors where maximalism is combined with a bohemian touch, you will recognize many natural materials such as bamboo, rattan wickerwork, oriental influences, cheerful colours and prints combined.

Extravagant and bold

A hospitality concept that has fully embraced bohemian maximalism is The Streetfood Club in Breda. As soon as you walk into this hotspot you step into a total renewed experience. Your senses need a moment to absorb everything you see, smell and hear. From the extravagant interior to the music thumping through the speakers. The large space resembles a jungle due to the impressive graffiti of palm trees and wilderness that cover the entire wall. Where the stage and balcony of the old theatre used to be, islands with several floors have now been built where guests can seat themselves in comfort. It feels like this part of the restaurant is carved out of the rocks. Despite the fact that almost 400 guests can stay inside, it does not feel crowded by the beautiful different zones created. The restaurant is a jungle that goes from a darker part in the rocks to a beach with palm trees and a rising hot air balloon. The place feels worldly and could have been the embodiment of an Indonesian island or other tropical place. Maximalism at its best!

Tailor made furniture

The interior was created through a combination of online research, visiting interior fairs and a good dose of trendwatching. The Streetfood Club strives to ensure that guests see something new every time through the colourful colours, organic shapes and unique furniture. This philosophy fits perfectly with the Satelliet Originals brand. A creative collaboration between The Streetfood Club and Satelliet Originals to create a suitable furniture concept was a logical step. In every area you can find a mix of standard and custom furniture from the Originals collection that strengthens the distinct and colourful look and feel of The Streetfood Club.