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Design as a distinctive touch

‘Design is one of the few disciplines that is a science as well as an art,’ states American designer Debbie Millman. Satelliet hospitality furniture heartily agrees. Following our credo of ‘creating places to remember’, we create inspiring, welcoming and inviting hospitality environments. Design is a core discipline in our organisation from which the unique Satelliet Originals label was also born: a brand with its own signature.

The designers at Satelliet design models that are timeless or trendy in style, classic or high-tech and all trends and movements in between. Together, they form our appealing and exclusive collection. This collection offers entrepreneurs, architects and designers that distinctive touch to create a successful hospitality project.


An all-rounder in the Originals collection is the comfortable Tonic – a versatile chair designed by Studio Satelliet – which behaves like a chameleon, making it easy to place in different settings. New addition to the Originals collection is the Cozito by Dutch product and furniture designer Jan Dijkstra. With his designs, Jan likes to ‘make everyday life less ordinary’. He himself characterises his designs as ‘friendly, cheerful, sympathetic and a little quirky’. By making full use of his creativity and imagination, he brings his designs to life so that they in turn add character to a room. The striking Cozito is a design with its own signature: club-like, partly transparent, with friendly shapes and a high degree of cuddliness.

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Danceable interior

The versatile Tonic and the quirky Cozito captured the imagination of interior designer Debby Nuyens – Deb.Styles Horeca Inrichting – so much so that she applied these models in shared dining restaurant Mooij: the newest hotspot – in one of Alkmaar’s oldest building – where a casual chic dress code applies. ‘The owners wanted a jungle baroque vibe with international allure and a South American touch,’ Debby explains. ‘Tropical fever vibes we created through frequent use of colour, texture and lots of plants. The lively Latin atmosphere translates into floral tints, abstract prints and distinctive furniture. As well as in the use of organic shapes and customised 3d tiles of our own design. Everywhere in the restaurant – on wine glasses, sometimes eye-catching, sometimes hidden and in the kitchen – you find the pineapple: the South American symbol for hospitality. The whole has become a loose, danceable interior.’

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