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Be an original. At the forefront of a sustainable hospitality experience

Next to an urge to create a European hospitality furniture collection with its very own signature look and feel, Satelliet Originals also holds a strong message. Be an original is about being unapologetically yourself ánd about having consideration for the planet. Satelliet Originals is striving for a sustainable future and challenges and motivates their designers, suppliers and manufacturers to work on this together. Every product created by Originals designers does not only embody hospitality, quality, strength, diversity, individuality, inspiration, relevance, and functionality, but also contributes to Satelliets ‘Mission Hospitality’: to be the most sustainable supplier of hospitality furniture in Europe by 2030.

Bold furniture

Satelliet Orginals is at the center of society and acknowledges its responsibility in fostering a sustainable future. By 2030, 75% of materials must be recycled and sustainably sourced by using innovative techniques. The SUM – Still Usable Materials – initiative emphasizes this strong ambition. The SUM furniture collection is constantly expanding. By trial-and-error Satelliet learned how to make bold and pure appealing furniture from different, high-quality, and reusable materials, such as organic residual waste or felt made of PET. All acquired knowledge, experience and learnings comes together in the creation of the latest asset: Code, a true Satelliet Originals family.

Colourful statement

Code is a result of vision, creativity and production symbiotically coming together, enhancing each specific trait. The Code design speaks to those who like to make a colourful statement. The frame is made of recycled aluminium and the seat and back are created out of 100 percent ‘post-consumer waste’. Code is a family of sustainable, jolly products consisting of a quirky stool, armchair and side chair. The chairs are stackable, and all items are available in different colors: ocean blue, forest green, desert yellow and galaxy black. These Originals are for those who dare to opt for a colourful, cool, and sustainable interior.


Sustainability includes much more than just recycling and giving new worth to used materials: it’s also about adding value to collaborations. It is about symbiosis: a close association between different entities. A mutually beneficial relationship where all parties involved benefit from the interaction. Balancing and considering options and choices while shaping and creating a seamless link between humanity, nature, and design.

Perfect example of one very valuable collab is a small, start-up company in Indonesia that manufactures our Code family. This company is run by two courageous women who intrinsically wanted to contribute to a solution for the huge plastic waste problem in their beautiful country. A lot of plastic, consumer waste like bottles, ends up in nature, on beaches and in rivers. They started to collect this waste and sorted it by type and colour. Next it is shredded into granules and made into various objects. The company was not originally specialised in manufacturing furniture, so they sought hard for a solution to our question: can you make seat- and backparts out of your shreds?

Like baking a cake

Their inventive nature and will to contribute brought by the solution. Shreds are put into a mould, shaped like the Code seat or back, the filled up moulds are than firmly pressed and put in the oven. The process is actually quite like baking a cake. After cooling down, the items are released from the template and thoroughly sanded and polished. The frame, made of recycled aluminium, is manufactured in a facility near the ladies company. Here the seat and back are mounted on the frame. Et Voilá: a Code is brought to life.

Please feel invited by Satelliet to cocreate – in a sustainable way – places to remember.