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Our Heroes are a specific selection of designs that represent the entire collection in one overview. These are highlighted products that you should not miss.


Chester, a design by Elise Luttik, features an iconic backrest inspired by the classic, world-famous Chesterfield sofas. This typical lines give this ash wood model its distinctive look. Because this chair is equipped with robust legs, an exciting balance between sturdy and elegant is created.


Designer Jesse Vissser nailed it with the contemporary Arcadia. The frame and bowl fit together perfectly. The curved chair and stool are as simple as they are unique, bringing transparency and airiness.


Pebble, a design by Erik Remmers, has a sweet look and the chair takes its name from its seating shapes. The design is graceful but the wooden frame makes the chair sturdy and distinctive.


The ReUnited, a roaring twenties chair. A typical Snellaars design: with a clear story and functional design. The ReUnited chair refers to that lively period a century ago. That means no rigid, angular shapes but rather soft and round. The ReUnited reflects the society we live in today.


The design of the Fioli is inspired by rose petals. The petals’ round, open shape looks cheerful, friendly and inviting. The steel frame of the Fioli elegantly defines the contours of this design. The moulded seat shell continues under the armrests.


Craving something sweet and light? The Biscuit satisfies that need with its seat and back that look like a cookie. The chair has a sturdy look due to the thick steel frame. It is a fun, sturdy chair with a joyous look and feel.


The name Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. The shape of the chair, stacked scoops of ice cream, not only gives Gelato an inviting look, but also facilitates the armrests in the design.


A design cannot look more Scandinavian than the Canu. The ashwood frame complements the design and the form language of the chair. The Canu has round shapes, pretty joints and the chair is solid but slender.


An eyecatcher in every space. Oso has a daring appearance and stands firmly on its thick wooden feet. The Oso is part of a series of sofas that are available in both dining and lounge height.