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Our Heroes are a specific selection of designs that represent the entire collection in one overview. These are highlighted products that you should not miss.


The characteristic round and convex shape lives up to the name of Circl and elegantly defines the contours of this design. Designing a chair like this is pure architecture according to the designer. Circl characterizes vision, form and functionality and is therefore more than just a utility object.


Biscuit is a powerful, self-contained design, something that characterizes the entire collection of Satelliet Originals. The designers of Biscuit went for a strong concept with strong and large gestures where the details make the difference. What makes this design extra striking is its crystal clear design language with a thick tube. Yet the strength lies in the details that you see in the dimensions and the material.


Conical legs and compact, slightly curved seat and back elements form the basis of Gerlin’s design. With this design and the rest of the series, there is defiantly a lot of space for a “personal touch” in frame finish and upholstery. This makes Gerlin the ultimate example of a Satelliet Original. Gerlin is a textbook example of the principle of ‘family design’. You can make combinations of chairs, stools and benches in various designs.