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Elise Luttik

As a Master of Science in Integrated Product Design graduated in 2007 from TU Delft, Elise Luttik’s work is always characterized by well-thought-out technology and construction. She looks for ways to materialize illusions, using transparency, iridescent effects and rupture of light. Like the illusion of cushioning used in Chester chair.

Materializing illusions is what drives designer Elise Luttik. “I enjoy the puzzle of aesthetics and poetry on the one hand, and construction and production methods on the other. How can I capture a magical moment and make it tangible and lasting?

Coming soon:

Chester Chair for Satelliet Originals by Elise Luttik

Translation of the classy and iconic Chesterfield chair into a contemporary ash-wood dining chair with the illusion of a padded leather luxury cushion.