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Open Days: Ode to entrepreneurs with courage

This month, we threw the doors of our showrooms in Breda, Amsterdam and Dalfsen wide open during the Satelliet Open Days in the theme ‘Bravery’. A great opportunity to get to know the latest models and connect with each other. The three showrooms were buzzing with enthusiasm and conviviality; we enjoyed the encounters and great conversations. Good to experience that so many visitors had the courage to experience this with us and braved the excitement of ‘not-knowing-what-follows’. A brave heart beats in their chests too.


The theme ‘Bravery’ is an ode to the extraordinary and bold concepts we see in the industry. Brought to life by entrepreneurs with the guts to constantly stretch the boundaries of their comfort zone. Inspiring and brave people with a vision and a dream. That’s what we love, that’s what we love to give attention to, that’s what we work on with dedication. Five entrepreneurs, from different disciplines in the hospitality industry, talk about their vision of bravery and brave entrepreneurship in the presentation ‘Hospitality Heroes’. Watch the inspiring film below.

The Sky(dive) is the limit

We warned about this challenging theme with bravery bites, obstacles to get in, exciting presentations and to top it all off: scratch tickets for a challenging activity. Three scratch card winners will get to jump out of a plane during a spectacular outdoor skydive. All second prize winners get up in the air via the wind tunnel at the indoor skydive. Their guts have been rewarded, lots of ‘guts’ means lots of ‘glory’.

Product heroes and terrazzo with a twist

During the Open Days, the new and inspiring collection of hospitality furniture was presented in our showrooms. Like the five highlighted ‘Product Heroes’ in bold designs, prints and materials. Or our terrazzo with a sustainable twist by using recycled glass and the new material Reverso, which is made from discarded white goods. Because we must be brave ourselves. Curious about the new heroes in our collection? Then click here for the overview of the popular and sustainable models.

PROEF!Hospitality #18

Our inspiring hospitality and interior design magazine was released in early October with the theme ‘Bravery’. Besides our showrooms full of inspiration, we share the most talked-about projects, interviews, columns and trivia in this well-filled magazine. We take you inside the design and interior trends from Paris, you read about the office of the future by Robert Walters, learn from master hospitality entrepreneur Koen Bakker and we cross the border with world-class spot The Tempus on Charlton Hall Estate in Northumberland. Would you also like to receive a magazine? Request it here (only available in Dutch).

Bravery aftermovie

For those who were unable to attend the Open Days live, we have a recap available. Want to (re)experience the day? Then watch the aftermovie below and get a taste of the atmosphere!